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Settlement Agreements

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Court rules: Settlement is final

Many disputes settle without the need for litigation and even when proceedings have been issued the majority of cases settle before they reach trial.  However, the recent case of Mionis -v- Democratic Press SA & Others highlights the need for care when agreeing a settlement so that it does not go beyond what you intend […]

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“You know you’re lying, and I know you’re lying, but…”

Misrepresentation is a complex area of law, but in its simplest form it relates to one party inducing another to enter into an agreement by making false claims. As a familiar example, if you buy a car from a garage that claims the vehicle has been fully checked over and is in perfect working order, […]

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Taxation of settlement payments

There are a number of dates you might want to save for April 2018: the Commonwealth Games in Australia, the Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco or the Grand National at Aintree. What you perhaps didn’t know is that in April 2018, draft legislation concerning changes to the taxation of termination payments is intended […]

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Non-competition clauses might stifle innovation

A recent government press release from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (DBIS) has pledged to act on non-competition and non-solicitation clauses (restrictive covenants) that could be stifling British innovation.  The press release is also a call for evidence from businesses and entrepreneurs in respect of such rules.  It is part of the stated […]

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Have you settled without knowing it?

A recent High Court case provides a cautionary tale for those who are not careful in finalising terms of settlement. It is often tempting to avoid the expense of instructing lawyers, particularly in a dispute where it appears that a settlement can be agreed fairly swiftly. However, the case of Newbury v Sun Microsystems underlines the […]

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