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GPs: ‘One Examination too Far’ for Race Equality

The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (Bapio) has this week been unsuccessful in its Judicial Review claim against the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the General Medical Council (GMC), the doctors’ regulatory body. Racial discrimination allegations sparked the Judicial Review claim, and began last Tuesday at the Royal Courts of Justice […]

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Zero Hours Contracts – Zero Hassle?

Zero hours contracts have recently excited a great deal of comment – both for and against. A recent CIPD survey estimated that there are currently around one million people in Great Britain working on a zero hours basis and that 65% of them are happy with their work‑life balance, compared with 58% of their full‑time colleagues. […]

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The Office Christmas Party: An Employer’s Nightmare?

The Christmas party should be a great event at which colleagues can let their hair down and get together for a night of eating, drinking, singing and dancing that would rival David Brent himself. However, what happens if somebody goes too far? What is the employer’s liability in respect of a Christmas party faux pas? […]

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Do you know what the word “disability” really means in the workplace?

For a start, let’s dispel a myth. A person doesn’t have to be “registered” to be disabled. The concept of registration was introduced by the National Assistance Act of 1948 , and made appearances in social security legislation in the years that followed, but was already antiquated by the time of the Disability Discrimination Act […]

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Can you make a pregnant employee redundant?

It’s a common misconception amongst employers that an employee cannot be dismissed by reason of redundancy when she is on maternity leave. There are rules (not dealt with in this article) giving a redundant employee who is on maternity leave a preferential position when it comes to the allocation of alternative employment. But such an […]

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Crossed Wires

This week the European Court of Human Rights gave its ruling on a quartet of cases loosely bundled under the heading of religious rights (in this case, Christian rights, although the court decision sets a precedent for similar issues regarding any religion). What is surprising is not the decisions themselves, but the media response. For […]

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Increase in Employment Tribunal Claims

The Tribunals Service has recently published annual statistics for Employment Tribunals for 2009-2010. A general overview of the report illustrates a significant 56% increase in the number of claims issued compared with the previous year, and an increase of 22% in the number of cases heard by the Employment Tribunal. These figures reflect the dramatic […]

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