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Child Maintenance

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Child Maintenance clampdown – will it pay off?

Recovering unpaid money One of the ways the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) can recover money from a parent who has fallen into arrears with child maintenance payments is by taking money from their bank or building society account. However, money can only be recovered from an account held in that parent’s sole name, so joint […]

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The Child Maintenance Service: A New Era

This week has seen the biggest overhaul to child maintenance since its implementation in 1993. The Government has introduced a new system of administering child maintenance through The Child Maintenance Service (CMS), which has replaced The Child Support Agency (CSA). The new system has three core functions: To promote the financial responsibility parents have for […]

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Who will benefit from the CSA’s new “gross income scheme”?

For many years the Child Support Agency (CSA) have based their assessments upon the “non-resident parent” paying a percentage of their net income. That percentage has been 15% for one qualifying child, 20% if there are two children and 25% for three children or more. That figure is then reduced by 1/7th for each night […]

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New Child Maintenance Proposals Published

The government hopes that most separated couples will in future be able to agree child maintenance directly between them but there will always be cases when that is not possible. Proposals for the new statutory child maintenance scheme have therefore just been published which attempt to address failings with the current system. The new scheme […]

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Record Number of Children Benefiting from CSA

Despite receiving severe and repeated criticism in the past it has recently been reported that the CSA have collected or arranged a total of £1,159.6 million from June 2010 to June 2011. The Courts have imposed  suspended prison sentences on more than 1,000 parents who refused to pay child maintenance during 2010 to 2011. A […]

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