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Care Fees

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Tax Planning Queries – Who to Listen to?

It is common for us to sit and chat over a cup of tea about what one person has heard or been told, but is it always right to take tax advice from a friend over a cup of tea? Recently, I was sat on a train and I overheard a conversation where one lady […]

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The Care Act 2014 (which doesn’t live up to its name)

The Care Act 2014 comes into play in two parts.  From April 2015 Local Authorities were under a duty to assess people for their overall wellbeing, to see if they require any help with daily living. The much heralded financial changes come into force in April 2016 with the “cap on care costs” seen to […]

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Plan for care fees with ease

In a recent piece in the BH&HPA journal we explained the importance of succession planning to include making a Will and considering the need to obtain a Power of Attorney. As part of planning for the future it is also important to consider how, if you or your partner needed to live in a care […]

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Protect yourself against the cost of care

The BBC has launched a major new project entitled the ‘Cost of Care’ which aims to shine a light on exactly what costs our elderly population are facing when it comes to providing for their care. Worryingly, the BBC’s analysis has shown that spending on care for people aged over 65 has fallen by a […]

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New care cost rules of little help

From 2016 a care cost limit is being introduced. If £72,000 is spent on care then after that the Local Authority will meet a person`s care. This sounds promising but the Institute of Actuaries have found that very few people (8% of men and 15% of women aged 85) will reach this. When looking at […]

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Cap on care costs

The government, in what appears to be yet another U-turn has pledged support to a review by economist Andrew Dilnot on the way care is paid for by elderly individuals in our society. This is weeks after Health Secretary Andrew Lansbury said there was no commitment to finding the money to finance the proposals. At […]

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Living longer is leading to harder times

Today, the BBC has published worrying figures, obtained by the Labour party, which suggest that the number of elderly people in England who receive state funded care has fallen by 11 percent over the last two years. The Labour party received 121 responses after asking 153 councils various Freedom of Information questions. The responses showed […]

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