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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Knowing the Boundary

Pursuing boundary disputes through the courts can be a very costly and stressful exercise. The parties usually end up incurring legal costs disproportionate to the value of the land itself and often end up falling out irretrievably with their neighbour.  In the light of this a new protocol, known as the Protocol for Disputes between […]

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‘It’s good to talk’

Litigation is an expensive process which is why the courts encourage parties to try to settle their disputes. The Civil Procedure Rules (the court procedural rules that govern civil cases) set out the steps which the parties must take before proceedings are issued. These are known as “Pre-Action Protocols”. The aim of the Protocols is […]

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Family Mediation: The way forward?

Following the Family Justice Review, from the 1 April 2011 it will be necessary for anyone wishing to pursue an application to the Court in Family Law proceedings (unless certain exceptions apply) to attend a Mediation Assessment to consider whether or not Mediation may offer a suitable alternative to litigation through the Courts. It is the […]

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Make No Mistake

Even the most experienced of people can make a mistake and for that reason claims against professionals for acts of negligence are not uncommon. Mistakes can be easily made but the consequences to a client can be devastating. The number of claims made against Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants, Surveyors, Estate Agents, Architects and Financial Advisors has […]

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