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Director Disqualification Proceedings

If you are a director of an insolvent company, and you are facing investigation by the Liquidator or the Secretary of State, then Blacks Solicitors can help.

When a company becomes insolvent it is possible that action might be taken against its directors. This could be by way of misfeasance or wrongful trading proceedings by the Liquidator. Or it could be by way of action by the Secretary of State, following receipt of an adverse report from the Liquidator relating to the conduct of the director prior to the liquidation.

Action by the Secretary of State usually takes the form of disqualification proceedings, aimed at preventing a former director from being able to act as a director of a limited company for a period of up to 15 years.

Examples of conduct that may lead to director’s disqualification proceedings include:

  • Continuing to trade at a time when the company was insolvent, to the detriment of creditors
  • Excessive salaries or drawings when the company was insolvent
  • Failing to keep proper accounting records
  • Failure to prepare and file accounts or make returns to Companies House
  • Failure to submit tax returns or pay monies due to HMRC
  • Failing to co-operate with the Liquidator or Administrator of the company

Our specialist Dispute Resolution team have extensive experience of dealing with director disqualification and misfeasance proceedings.

We can defend directors in such proceedings and will negotiate the best possible settlement where disqualification is inevitable.

The Team will advise on the merits of the allegations made against the director, the length of the disqualification period, and following a disqualification we can assist ex-directors applying for leave to act as directors once again.


For more information about Blacks’ services, or for a no obligation discussion, please email or call our Dispute Resolution team today on 0113 207 0000.

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What our clients say

  • First rate commercial lawyers with good client skills.

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  • I have found them to be very good at what they do and always willing to ‘dumb down’ anything so that you can fully understand each process along the way.  As I have limited knowledge of legal matters currently, this is really beneficial and has helped me to gain further knowledge just through their explanations and help.

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  • Whenever anybody mentions solicitors to me, I say you can’t go better than Tina Tosney at Blacks Solicitors.

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  • Luke Patel is a first-rate litigator. He is strategic and enthusiastic and works very well with his team to get the best out of them. Luke shows real commitment to the client and works very hard to achieve favourable outcomes. He clearly thrives on the cut and thrust of commercial litigation.

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  • Luke Patel has a loyal client base and for good reason. He is personable, knowledgeable, persistent and very good at his job.

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  • The entire team at Blacks is very friendly, efficient and robust. The practice seems to really care about its clients.

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  • We really appreciated your help. Good work. That is twice your firm have helped us out of a tight corner and considering our trade, I expect we will be a back again.

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  • We cannot adequately convey our gratitude to Luke Patel and his team for the overwhelming support and hard work for bringing us to our success.

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  • I wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the company of how you treated me and my case I cannot recommend you both highly enough. I look forward to meeting again in 28 days.

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  • It has been a hard two years in terms of money on our part and effort on your part. One thing that sustained us was your indefatigable energy and skills in confronting a determined organisation who did not listen to reason.

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  • The quality of the service was excellent. We were kept up to date throughout our one year experience.

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  • Luke was very personable, professional, measured and met all our expectations. The strategy and tactics he deployed from day one were carefully thought out. He gave us clear and honest advice throughout and informed us of the options available to us at each stage of the litigation. He was able to deliver his “killer blow” at the right time which caused the opponents to come to the table and do a deal.  I would have no hesitation recommending him or using him, and Blacks, should the need ever arise again.

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  • As always Luke was at once incisive, caring and comprehensive in providing a legal solution in the most concise and cost-efficient way possible. He is a man of great integrity, sincerity and poise. In my experience, he acts in his client’s best interests always. My go to lawyer.

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