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Debt Recovery Pricing Information

Pricing for the different stages of debt recovery are as follows:

Pre-Legal (not involving formal Court proceedings)

  1. Preparing and sending a Letter Before Action – £15 plus VAT
  2. Upon recovery of your debt, we charge commission on the sum ranging from 7.5 – 12% plus VAT

These services and our fees include the following actions:

  • Taking instructions & reviewing documentation
  • Sending a Letter Before Action
  • Follow up action by contacting the debtor by telephone and letter / negotiating settlement
  • Entering into correspondence if the debtor initially indicates there is a dispute

Matters can usually take approximately four to six weeks from receipt of instructions to reach settlement.

County Court Claim

If no payment is made following a Letter Before Action, we will issue a County Court Claim against the debtor.

Debt ValueCourt FeeOur Fee (excl VAT)Total (excl VAT)
Up to £300£25£50£75
£300 – £500£35£50£85
£500 – £1,000£60£70£130
£1,000 – £1,500£70£80£150
£1,500 – £3,000£105£80£185
£3,000 – £5,000£185£80£265
£5,000 – £10,000£410£100£510
£10,000 – £100,0004.5% value of the Claim£100.00TBC on value of Claim

Our fees are subject to VAT.

A Court fee is payable if a claim is issued and to obtain the actual Judgment, if the claim is not disputed by the debtor.

Fees may be recovered from the debtor if successful.

Judgment Entry Type:Debt ValueOur Fee (excl VAT)
Judgment in Default£1 – £5,000£22
Judgment in Default£5,000 +£30
Judgment in Default of a Defence£1 – £5,000£25
Judgment in Default of a Defence£5,000 +£35
Judgment on Admission£1 – £5,000£40
Judgment on Admission£5,000 +£90

This process takes between 17-28 days depending upon how the debtor responds.

Fees may be recovered from the debtor if successful.

Defended Actions

If the matter proceeds to a contested hearing, Yat Wong, a Solicitor within the team will manage your case. Hourly rates are applied from start to finish with the following cost estimates applying:

  • A Fixed Fee of £2,000 plus VAT applies to debts below £10,000
  • The hourly rates of a Solicitor at £220 per hour plus VAT apply for debts above £10,000
  • For debt claims over £10,000 but up to £100,000 that are issued at Court locally in paper, a Court Fee of 5% the value of the claim sum being pursued is applicable (as opposed to 4.5% for claims issued electronically up to £100,000)

The process can take between 10-18 months for the Court to list the matter for a final hearing.

Fees may be recovered from the debtor if successful.

Insolvency – Bankruptcy & Winding-Up Proceedings

A quicker method of recovery can be by insolvency proceedings (applying for bankruptcy of an individual or winding-up of a company to cease trading so it can discharge your debt). The following charges apply at the various stages of the insolvency matter:


  • Statutory Demand to serve on the debtor – £100 plus VAT
  • Process server fee to serve the Demand – £85 plus VAT
  • Bankruptcy Court Fee – £1,270
  • Process server fee of Bankruptcy Petition – £85 plus VAT
  • Advocate Agent Fee to attend Bankruptcy Hearing – £95 plus VAT
  • Our Fee for preparation of the Bankruptcy – £450 plus VAT

Winding-Up Proceedings:

  • Winding-Up Petition Court Fee – £1,880
  • Advertising in the London Gazette – £72.05
  • Company Search – £10
  • Process Server’s Fee – £85 plus VAT
  • Agent Fee to attend the Hearing – £95 plus VAT
  • Our Fee – £495 plus VAT

It takes on average two to three months for final hearing at Court once a claim is issued.

Fees may be recovered from the debtor if successful.

Enforcement of the County Court Judgment

After obtaining the Judgment the key is to encourage the debtor to make payment.

  • High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) are the most common way and method to encourage the debtor to make payment
  • Obtaining a Writ of Control from the High Court – £66
  • Our fee for instructing the HCEO – £66 plus VAT
  • Abortive Fees where unable to serve – £75 plus VAT
  • Fee for extending a Writ over six months: Court Fee – £66 / Our Fee – £66 plus VAT

It can take two to three months before the HCEO agent commences a payment arrangement with the debtor.

The average timelines for each method is approximately three to four months and all Costs are generally recoverable.

  • County Court Bailiffs (debts below £600)
  • County Court Bailiff instructed via CCMCC – £110 Court Fee
    £50 Our Fixed Fee plus VAT
  • County Court Bailiff instructed via CCBC – £77 Court Fee
    £50 Our Fixed Fee plus VAT

Charging Orders

This is where the Judgment can be secured against a debtor’s property.

  • Land Registry Search Fee – £3
  • Our Fee – £150 plus VAT  (£110 of this is recoverable from the debtor)
  • Registering the Final Charging Order with HMLR – £40

Application for a Third Party Debt Order

A bank or building society may hold an interest and you can apply for funds from these accounts

  • Court Fee – £110
  • Our Fee – £100 plus VAT

Application for an Attachment of Earnings Order

This is where you can apply to deduct earnings from the debtor’s salary.

  • Court Fee – £110
  • Our Fee – £100 plus VAT

Additional Costs of Litigation

The following costs can apply and will depend upon the issues involved in the case:

  • Tracing Agent Fees – £65 plus VAT
  • Our Fee – £55 plus VAT
  • Standard Service of a Document – £85 plus VAT
  • Process Server Fees (Urgent Basis) – £130 plus VAT
  • Attendance at Court Application Hearings – £90 plus VAT
  • Attendance at Small Claims Hearing listed for two hours – £175 plus VAT
  • Any Hearing listed longer than two hours – £220 plus VAT

Any additional hearing charge for a barrister (Counsel) to attend trial on debt claims over £10,000 will be advised by your solicitor and will be on a case by case basis.

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