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Sponsorship Agreements

Blacks Solicitors’ Commercial Law team provide pragmatic, cost-effective advice in relation to the production of Sponsorship Agreements.

Sponsorship is a form of marketing by which a sponsor contributes funds, products or services to:

  • Event organisers
  • Rights owners
  • Producer of entertainment products
  • Participants
  • Teams
  • Individuals

While sponsorship is most frequently encountered in sporting arenas it also extends to charitable and educational activities, the arts, music events, and increasingly in the funding of television programmes or films.

Sponsorship may take various forms such as:

  • Broadcast sponsorship
  • Venue sponsorship
  • Official supplier status
  • Product placements
  • Advertiser funded programming
  • Branded content

Establishing an appropriate sponsorship structure is critical to maximise the income of a party seeking sponsorship in accordance with the commercial value of the event, property, or asset being sponsored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of sponsorship?

  • Cost effectiveness – mainstream advertising is often much costlier than sponsorship
  • Access to niche markets – sponsorship can enable entry into a niche market where there is a link to a brand that already holds a reputation in that market
  • An increase in sales – a positive audience attitude towards a sponsor may well correlate with higher purchase rates
  • Brand enhancement – tying up with another individual, event, or organisation that has a strong reputation can enhance a company’s reputation by association
  • Raising awareness – a brand name will gain visibility and be included in media coverage

What are the disadvantages of sponsorship?

  • Sponsorship clutter – too many sponsors, such as at high-profile events like the World Cup or the Olympics, can mean no particular sponsor stands out
  • Negative image association – the inverse of brand enhancement above (e.g. a sponsorship deal can impact negatively where an individual being sponsored is caught cheating)
  • Lack of control – many variables that may be critical to the success of an event (e.g. the weather, media coverage, attendances) are uncontrollable.

The key to maximising sponsorship success is to have a clear objective at the outset to ensure that the sponsorship deal you select has the best possible fit to meet your objective/s.


For more information on the above, or to find out how Blacks’ Commercial Law team can assist you with a Sponsorship Agreement, please email or call us today on 0113 207 0000.

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What our clients say

  • Alex Hall was the brilliant individual who I predominately worked with and she was very calm in what was quite a pressured situation and had an ability to cut to the chase in terms of her advice and the key salient points.

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  • Having worked closely with both Dave Patterson and Matthew Hutchinson I admire the way they are both extremely skilled and professional in their respective areas of expertise but manage to deliver this service at a level I can understand and in a very modest, friendly and personal manor.

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  • Having worked closely with both Dave Patterson and Matthew Hutchinson I admire the way they are both extremely skilled and professional in their respective areas of expertise but manage to deliver this service at a level I can understand and in a very modest, friendly and personal manor.

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  • I will only use Blacks Solicitors for all of my business requirements. Not only have they helped set my Charity Up they have also given me fantastic advise whenever it has been needed. Big Thank you to Alex Hall and Darren Morgan.

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  • The team are extremely professional and approachable and most of all they are always available to communicate and provide realistic proactive advice for the real world – not just that from a text book.

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  • Nigel Hoyle and Alex Hall showed tremendous levels of commitment to the role, attention to detail and diligence in ensuring the end result was achieved within their clients’ expectations.

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  • Lewis Goodwin has a breadth of knowledge and the ability to manage complex and diverse issues.

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  • Dave Paterson has exceptional communication skills and always provides practical, real-world advice alongside the legal position. Very good at empathising with clients and helping get the job done.

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  • The team really gets to know clients and works hard to understand their business and their transaction. Very personal service. Fantastic for MBOs, trade acquisitions and disposals.

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  • The team at Blacks Solicitors is both friendly and professional. Its most important characteristic, however, is that it gets results and produces positive outcomes. The team works across disciplines and can therefore provide a holistic service. It is also widely experienced and has a very positive reputation across the city of Leeds.

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  • Really personable service, no-nonsense talk in simple terms, trusted advisers.

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  • A friendly and approachable team with good values.

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  • Blacks Solicitors LLP‘s corporate team is open and approachable at all times, with a practical no-nonsense approach.

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  • David Paterson gives excellent guidance based on his experience from dealing with similar issues.

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  • Nigel Hoyle thinks through the ultimate impact and reassures clients with his all-round knowledge.

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  • Blacks Solicitors LLP‘s corporate practice acts as though every client is the only client it has, making clients feel special and at ease.

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  • The corporate team at Blacks Solicitors LLP is approachable, forward thinking and able to express itself in language that clients are able to understand.

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  • Blacks Solicitors LLP is uniformly reliable and cost-aware.

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  • Blacks Solicitors LLP is very professional and technically very good, yet approachable and friendly.

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  • Dave many thanks and again we are indebted to you and your team.

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  • Thank you to you and your team for your help to date, which as always has been very timely and professional. We greatly appreciate the friendly service that you provide at Blacks.

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  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support over the past months and helping me get some great advice and service. You went the extra mile for me resulting in a contract I was very happy with.

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  • Dave, we have been impressed and reassured by you and your team. My part in the sale has been minor in the extreme but I know my partner has been helped greatly by your advice, guidance and direction.

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