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Commercial landlords and tenants: lease renewals

As lockdown restrictions are slowly eased, and businesses start to re-open, landlords and tenants will start to discuss lease renewals. Protected v Unprotected Leases Protected leases grant tenants the benefit of what is called ‘security of tenure’ under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (the Act), allowing them the statutory right to remain in occupation […]

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Commercial Property Leases: 4 Key Tenant Considerations

Due to the high expense and upfront capital investment required to purchase a commercial property, many businesses prefer instead to become a Tenant under a Commercial Lease. A Commercial Lease records the relationship between the property owner (the Landlord) and the occupier (the Tenant) and sets out the terms on which the Tenant may occupy […]

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Buy-to-Let Properties: The New ‘Affordability Rules’

If you are a buy-to-let landlord, and you thought the 3% Stamp Duty Surcharge had impacted your ability to purchase further properties, have you considered how the new ‘Affordability Rules’ will affect you? On 30 September 2017 new rules came into force for all landlords owning four or more properties with the aim of putting […]

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