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Grandparents’ Child Contact Rights

When a relationship breaks down, and children are involved, it’s rarely just the parents’ time with the children that needs to be resolved, with grandparents are often left wondering about their own contact rights in relation to their grandchildren (especially if they have enjoyed regular time with them before). So what can you do if […]

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Summer Holidays & Childcare Arrangements

It’s that time of year when we’re all dusting off our buckets and spades and getting ready for the long summer holidays. However, what happens if you are separated and have yet to agree how your children will spend their summer? Day-to-Day Arrangements You might want to use this time to discuss your children’s arrangements […]

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‘Married at First Sight’: The Science of Separation

‘Married at First Sight’ recently returned to our television screens for a fourth series. The concept of the show is literally in the title; potential candidates apply to be scientifically matched with their ‘perfect partner’ on paper, and the first time they will meet is at their wedding! After tying the knot, they are required […]

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Child Arrangements Orders: Fact-finding hearings and Practice Direction 12J

In circumstances where a child’s parents have separated and they are unable to reach an agreement about the arrangements for the child, either party may decide to apply to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order.  A Child Arrangements Order regulates who a child will live with and whether that child will spend time or […]

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Parental Responsibility and your Child’s Education

All those with Parental Responsibility for a child have the right to be involved in major decisions about that child, including in relation to the child’s education. If your child is approaching school age and needs to start school in September 2019, you need to complete your application for their place at a primary school […]

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The continuing myth of the Common Law Marriage

It is a widespread misconception that there is such thing as the ‘common law marriage’ with many people believing that if they are in a long-standing relationship, often with children involved, they will begin to acquire the same rights as married couples or those in a Civil Partnership. The truth is the legal protection available […]

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