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New Rules for Drone Operators

Over the last few years, drones have become increasingly popular among both individuals and businesses (such as for photography purposes and delivery use), and the drone market is particularly lucrative. If you already fly a drone, or if you’re thinking about flying one, you will be interested to know that the UK has announced new […]

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Jabber from the Gabba; @CAllenBlacks gets the low down from @GaleyLad

Both myself and Andrew Gale are heavily active on Twitter but with only 140 characters to play with per Tweet I thought I’d share with you our recent catch-up so you can find out how @GaleyLad is getting on in a land down under: @CAllenBlacks: Now then Galey, How’s it going in OZ? @GaleyLad: Hi […]

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Ambush Marketing – An Olympic Guide

To the everyday sports fan the term “ambush marketing” is more than likely an alien concept. However, to an internationally recognised brand who has just spent millions of pounds tying down an official sponsorship deal for this summer’s Olympic Games it is a dreaded thought, and all too real a threat. To put it briefly, […]

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HMRC to challenge Creditor Rules in football on 15 February 2011

Did you see the article in the Independent on Sunday yesterday on this subject? It’s certainly worth a read if not. In short, as matters stand at the moment when a football club is declared insolvent the players, manager and (even more amazingly) other football clubs who are owed money by the insolvent club, stand […]

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