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Blacks Solicitors’ Immigration team provide clear, cost-effective advice to individuals seeking to enter or remain in the UK.

Pricing and Services

The Blacks 4hr call back promise

At Blacks, we understand that immigration is a fast-changing area of law for EU and non-EU citizens alike. Non-EU individuals must navigate an ever more complex system of immigration control, usually through the Points-Based System. In addition, uncertainty around Brexit is increasingly leading EU workers to try to secure their rights as early as possible, and to plan for life post-Brexit.

As a result, our specialist Immigration solicitor regularly provides advice to EU nationals, medium and highly skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, family members, and individuals applying for indefinite leave to remain, or looking to obtain British Citizenship. Some of our services include:

  • Obtaining a Tier 1 visa (as an entrepreneur or investor).
  • Obtaining a Tier 2 visa (as a skilled worker or sportsperson).
  • Obtaining a Tier 5 visa (including Creative and Sporting sectors).
  • Family members under Appendix FM, including partners and children.
  • Permanent residence documents and British nationality for EU nationals and their family members.
  • Challenging Home Office decisions by Administrative Review, Appeal, or Judicial Review.
  • Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • British Citizenship Applications.
  • Visit Visa Applications.

For more information about our services, or for a free no obligation discussion, please email or call Louis MacWilliam on 0113 322 2842.

Louis MacWilliam joined Blacks Solicitors as an Associate Solicitor in May 2018 and specialises in immigration law. Louis is the primary contact for all personal immigration work and reports in to Paul Kelly the head of Employment.  Prior to joining Blacks, Louis worked for four years at a leading London law firm and has represented clients at various levels.

Now, with over 10 years’ under his belt as an immigration specialist, Louis provides advice to businesses on hiring non-EU workers (applying for and managing a Sponsor License), securing the rights of EU employees and planning for life after Brexit. He also supports clients in relation to Home Office compliance and can carry out mock-audits.

In addition, Louis acts for individuals in relation to applications as medium and highly skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, family members, and EU nationals. He also provides assistance with challenges to Home Office visa refusals.  He is an experienced litigator having represented clients in immigration Tribunals and in the High Court.

Louis was accredited as a senior caseworker under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme from 2010 to April 2018, which allowed him to undertake the full spectrum of immigration casework.  He qualified as a solicitor in March 2016.  Aside from spending 6 months of his training contract in public law, Louis has worked exclusively in immigration law since October 2008.

Louis attained a distinction in International and European Human Rights at the University of Leeds in 2009.


Immigration Applications – Type of Service

Fees Range (excluding VAT)

Consultation by appointment


Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) or Tier 1 (Investor)


Tier 2 and Tier 4 application under the points based system – initial application/further leave/indefinite leave to remain


PBS Dependant's visa - applying separately from/with the main applicant)


Family based application under Appendix FM for entry clearance/leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain


Private Life application/complex human rights/outside the Immigration Rules application


Application for indefinite leave to remain under the 10-year rule


Applications for an EEA residence card for a partner or child of an EEA national


Applications for permanent right of residence document


EEA application based on a retained right of residence


EEA application for an extended family member


Application for British citizenship


Letter before claim


Attendance at a local Premium Service Centre



Court/Tribunal Work - Type of Service

Fee Range (excluding VAT)

Bail applications to the First Tier Tribunal


Representation at bail hearings (excluding advocacy)


Lodging grounds of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal


Court representation in the First Tier Tribunal (excluding advocacy)


Applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (excluding drafting of grounds by counsel)


Representation in the Upper Tribunal (excluding advocacy)


 * The above prices are estimates based on our hourly rate of £215 per hour plus VAT.  This is the hourly rate of Associate Solicitor Louis MacWilliam. From time to time we may be assisted by a paralegal whose charge is £120 per hour plus VAT, or by an apprentice whose charge is £75 per hour plus VAT.

We have provided a range of pricing which reflects the fact that some cases take longer than others. For example, if your case is particularly complex and/or has a high volume of documents for us to read then our estimate is likely to be at the higher end of the range.  We may exceptionally give you an estimate outside of this range.

We will on occasion provide work for a fixed fee, within the above ranges.


You are liable for any disbursements which arise during the course of your case. A disbursement is a payment which we make to a third party on your behalf.  We normally ask for you to make a payment on account up front before we incur disbursement costs. Common disbursements are:

Home Office application fees

These vary greatly depending on the particular type of immigration application being submitted. You can see the current list of charges here:

Fees range from £93 for a visit visa to £3250 for settlement as an ‘other dependant relative’.  If you are not sure which fee applies then please contact us and we can clarify this for you.

Counsel fees 

We use counsel (barristers) to complete certain aspects of our work. For example, we use counsel to present your case in the Tribunal or to draft grounds to the Upper Tribunal. The costs of counsel vary greatly depending on the seniority of counsel as well as the complexity of the case.

As a guide, counsel might charge from £750-£2000 plus VAT to prepare grounds of appeal and £1000-£3000 plus VAT to advocate in the tribunal. The cost of drafting grounds of appeal to the Upper Tribunal varies from £500 to £1500 plus VAT.

Interpreting and translation

You are responsible for the costs of translating any document which you need to submit as part of your immigration application or appeal. We use a number of language service providers who will provide a quote before undertaking any work.  Price generally relates to the word-count. As guide, language service providers typically charge 6-10 pence per word.

You may organise your own translation but you should check with us that the translation is adequate, for the purposes of any immigration application or appeal.

If you require an interpreter then you are also liable for these costs. Again, we can provide you with an estimate in advance of any appointment and the costs will be linked to the duration of the appointment. Typically interpreting will cost around £25-£35 per hour plus travel costs of around £10-£30.

Scope of work


As part of the consultation we will either attend with you in person or by telephone or video link to take detailed instructions. We will review relevant documentation and then provide detailed advice orally and in writing. We will consider which routes are available to you and the relevant application process and supporting documentation required.

Immigration Applications

We will provide an initial consultation as above.  We will then assist you in the preparation and submission of the relevant application.  This includes reviewing supporting documents and the application, drafting representations and sending the documents to the Home Office.

Court/Tribunal work

Bail Application

Preparing the bail application and grounds of bail.

Representation at Bail Hearings

Preparing the bail application, including advising on required documents, reviewing documents and submitting documents to the tribunal. Also includes briefing counsel. Note that a separate fee will be payable to counsel.

Lodging grounds of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal

Completing the relevant appeal form and drafting separate grounds of appeal.

Court representation in the First Tier Tribunal

Advising and reviewing required documents, drafting witness statements, preparing bundle, briefing counsel and all work up to a decision from the tribunal.

Applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal

Preparing application for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal and liaising with counsel. Note that a separate fee will likely be payable for counsel to draft grounds.

Representation in the Upper Tribunal

Preparing supplementary bundle and liaising with counsel.


We are usually able to offer an initial appointment within a week and then provide written advice within a further week.  We are generally able to turn around urgent work within tighter timescale, as required.

The length of time taken to receive a decision on an immigration application depends on a number of factors: the type of application; where it was submitted (whether within the UK or from abroad); the complexity of the application; and whether any additional premium package has been paid for which allows for an expedited decisions.

As a guide, applications from abroad take from between two weeks and three months for a decision to be made. Applications submitted from within the UK can take anything from a two months to a year.

There are considerable delays in appeals being heard with appeals taking around 6 months to be listed.