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The emotional impact of separation

As we approach World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2020, we reflect upon the difficulties of the past 6 months, including tackling the realities of a global pandemic and a change to normality for most of us.

As well as navigating the new ‘normal’ day-to-day, there are some who are also dealing with realities of the breakdown of their relationship.

Divorce (or separation) is often considered one of the most stressful life events and there is an increasing number of studies reporting upon the emotional effects a relationship breakdown can have on both adults and children.

At Blacks Solicitors we can be there to help guide you through the legal process of your separation, discuss your objectives and offer you practical and legal advice. Our team is experienced in assisting clients during these emotive times and will deal with your case in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Some clients find they also benefit from accessing additional emotional and/or psychological support from a third party, as obtaining the right support at the right stage can assist a client in processing their thoughts and feelings, enable them to make decisions more easily, and help them think positively about the future.

Whilst some clients find the journey personally manageable, they might instead benefit from support services for their children, who are also having to process their thoughts and feelings arising from the breakdown of the relationship.

Support might come in the shape of friends or family, or you may feel more comfortable to speak with someone who you don’t know personally, such as a counsellor. If you are going through a separation you might find the following resources helpful for you and/or your family members:

If you would like to speak to a member of our Family team regarding your separation, divorce and/or children matters please email or call us on 0113 227 9285.


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