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Mobile Home Park Flooding: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Around this time every year I start to worry about my roof. The thought that I should probably have a roofer check the rusty looking flashings around the chimney is brought about by the long rains that signal Autumn’s entrance.

Too much rain can be problematic, both at home and on your mobile home park. However, it doesn’t need to be.

When buying or selling a park, flooding is an important issue to consider from both sides. It is usually brought to light at the enquiries stage of the buying/ selling process (commercial property enquiries ask whether the park has been affected by flooding) or will be flagged up on a prudent buyer’s flood search.

The following pro-active steps can be considered for any affected mobile home park:

  1. Make sure that flooding is an insured risk on the insurance policy. An insurer may have recommendations in relation to managing this.
  2. If flooding is persistent, consider advice on landscaping so as to divert or minimise any risk or invest in drainage or flood barriers.
  3. Ensure perishable items, at risk homes and electrics are kept in a (high) safe place where they will not be damaged by flooding.
  4. Check your site licence as it may have conditions relating to flooding which should be followed.

Most of the time flooding is only temporary and provided a seller has taken necessary precautions should not be an issue.

Prevention is better than damage limitation, so it’s best not to leave it until it’s too late. This reminds me, I should really get my flashings checked!

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a mobile home park, please contact a member of our Holiday & Home Parks team today.


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