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Ant n Dec-ree absolute?

News has hit the headlines recently of another high-profile celebrity divorce, that being TV presenter of Ant-n-Dec-fame Ant McPartlin who has separated from his wife Lisa Armstrong.

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong have been in a relationship for over twenty years, since 1994. They were married in 2006 and so they have had a very long relationship and a medium to long term marriage.

Many celebrity divorces in the past have raised questions of ‘special contribution’ or the issue of pre-owned assets, but the probability in this situation is that all of the wealth will have been built up during the relationship, bearing in mind they met when they were 19.

It would be reasonable therefore to expect an equal division of the assets, whether they are owned in the sole or joint names of either Ant or Lisa. There are no children to either of them and so they will be likely to be assessed as having equal financial needs. Ant will be likely to be earning more than Lisa in terms of ‘salary’ but Lisa is by all accounts a high earner in her own right.

It may well be the case that the court therefore would deem this a case suitable for a ‘clean break’ and an equal division of all of the assets. Reports suggest that Ant and Lisa are trying to reach a settlement on the basis of a clean break and avoid the spotlight of the court process. This would appear sensible, providing that the assets can be suitably divided by agreement with the assistance of their solicitors.

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