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Lord “Sugarlump” turning sour

Those of you who read my blogs with enthusiasm will recall that I have been avidly following the case brought against Lord Sugar by his former “Apprentice”, Stella English. As I suggested previously, Lord Alan Sugar is pursuing the unsuccessful English for his legal costs of around £35,000, following her failed constructive dismissal case against him.

Ms English, 34, who took Lord Sugar to court earlier this year, alleged that she was unfairly constructively dismissed from her £100,000-a-year job within one of his companies. Her case was dismissed at the East London Employment tribunal service in April by Judge Warren.

A spokesman for Lord Sugar released a statement saying: “An application has been made to the tribunal to recover our costs”.

Stella Devastated

Ms English, who stated in an interview that she named Lord Alan Sugar as “Sugarlump” in front of her children to disguise a derogatory term that her and her husband used to refer to Lord Sugar, reportedly told a friend when receiving the costs letter: “I thought it was over. I am devastated I can’t move on with my life.”

However, Ms English should have expected no less from the business tycoon. Following the case Lord Sugar accused Ms English of attempting to gain a “tidy” out-of-court settlement.
Lord Sugar tweeted: “The Tribunal case brought by Stella English against me and my company has been dismissed. A victory for the law against the claim culture.”

Lord Sugar explained this further in a statement: “What has happened here is representative of a new wave of claim culture where some employees file spurious actions regardless of whose reputation it may smear in the process. I have spoken about this subject in the House of Lords and will continue to campaign to put an end to this practice, which has developed in recent years and is seemingly spiralling out of control. This has to be stopped”.

Abuse of the System

He continued “This case was a sham and a total abuse of a tribunal system, which is there to protect employees who have been mistreated. It is not there to aid those chancing their arm at landing a big payday. I hope that other companies will learn from this example and also fight off derisory claims”.

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