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Fail to derail? HS2 Protesters Plan to Launch Appeal in the High Court

Back in February, we considered the positive and negative aspects of the proposed (and highly controversial) high speed rail link (HS2), particularly its effect on Leeds and the surrounding area.

Fuelling the controversy surrounding HS2, earlier this month, one of the biggest ever Judicial Reviews was conducted in the High Court in relation to phase one of HS2.

Four sets of claimants presented 10 different challenges against HS2, of which a staggering 9 were rejected by Mr Justice Ouseley, resulting in what the Government has described as a “landmark victory” for HS2.

The Government expressed their determination to recoup the legal costs of the Judicial Review from the Claimants while they progressed with plans to begin construction in 2017.

However, the Claimants have not taken the Judicial Review ruling lightly.

It has emerged that campaigners fighting against HS2 have this week launched an emergency plea for funding to pay for an appeal of the High Court decision. We have learned that it is the Claimant’s intention to challenge eight of the nine rulings that were made in the Government’s favour and are desperately trying to raise the money required for them to bring the appeal.

According to reports, the fundraising is proving to be successful, with donations from campaign groups, businesses and the general public rolling in to help meet the £100,000 target.

Whatever the outcome, it is plain to see that those against HS2 are not prepared to go down without a fight.

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