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Increase in Employment Tribunal Claims

The Tribunals Service has recently published annual statistics for Employment Tribunals for 2009-2010. A general overview of the report illustrates a significant 56% increase in the number of claims issued compared with the previous year, and an increase of 22% in the number of cases heard by the Employment Tribunal. These figures reflect the dramatic increase in employment disputes and consequential claims caused by the recession.

The highlights of the annual report are:

  • Unfair dismissals, breach of contract and redundancy claims were 17% higher than in 2009-2009. 32% of claims were withdrawn, 31% were disposed through ACAS, and 13% were successful at Tribunal.
  • Statistics show a substantial increase on the previous year in claims with regards to deductions from wages, redundancy payments, breach of contract and age discrimination. Sex discrimination claims were slightly down on the previous year.
  • Claims relating to redundancy pay (24%), breach of contract (18%) and working time (18%) were most successful at Tribunal.
  • The average awards for claims were:
    1. Disability discrimination – £52,087
    2. Sexual orientation discrimination – £20,384
    3. Sex discrimination – £19,499
    4. Race discrimination – £18,584
    5. Age discrimination – £10,931
    6. Unfair dismissal – £9,120
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